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Dim sum discounts at Victory Restaurant

Writer: Cao Zhen  | Editor: Vincent Lin  | From: Shenzhen Daily
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Victory Restaurant (胜记), an old Cantonese cuisine chain, is offering discounts in dim sum in its eight outlets in Shenzhen until Aug. 31. Diners can enjoy 32 percent off on weekdays and 12 percent off on weekends if they pay their bill before 11 a.m.

Opened in 1989, Victory Restaurant’s trademark dim sum dishes include fried shrimp dumplings with a blizzard of fried garlic and chili, baked sweet potatoes with cheese and large deep-fried dough sticks. Classic dim sum dishes, such as steamed shrimp dumplings, steamed chicken feet, steamed pork ribs, crispy durian pastries and ginger milk, will also be very cheap after discounts.

Crispy durian pastries.

The eight Victory Restaurant outlets are located at Taihua Haoyuan (泰华豪园) near the Pingzhou Metro Station (坪洲站), Garden City Center (花园城中心) near the Nanyou West Metro Station (南油西站), Hangtian Building (航天大厦) near the Futian Metro Station (福田站), Times Square Excellence (卓越时代广场) near the Shopping Park Metro Station (购物公园站), Intown (卓越世纪中心) near the Convention and Exhibition Center Metro Station (会展中心站), Junhui Xintian (君汇新天) near the Haiyue Metro Station (海月站), Jinmaofu (金茂府) near the Shangtang Metro Station (上塘站) and City Mall (新城市广场) near the Science Museum Metro Station (科学馆站).